A Journey of Grace, The Formation of a Leader and a Church

            A Journey of Grace Is a personal life story which intertwines with the formation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.   The Rev. Dr. Herert W. Chilsron was once a faculty member of Luther College.  He became a synodical bishop (Minnesota) and was elected the firswt presiding bishop of the ELCA. 

            His book is a reflection account of his familhy roots, childhood, education, pastoral and teaching career.  The subsequent narrative includes his life as a synodicasl bishop (Minnesota), his role in the formation of the ELCA, and ministry as the first presiding bishop.  The focus is on leadership told in th larger context of major historical events which were happening at the time.
            Embedded in ths story are deeply personal account of his family experience, including the role of his wife, Corrine, the trauma of the death of their son Andrew, and the impact o his mentally challenged brother, David.

Published by the Lutheran University Press, PO Box 390759, Minneapolis  MN  55439  (publisher@lutheranUpress.org)  ISBN # 978-1-932688-52-8.  $28.00 plus shipping.



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