The Lutheran Bible Ministries Directory

  • Lutheran Bible Ministries Directory in WinZip (regular) format.  The file is password protected to protect against spammers.  The password is "servethelord" without the quotes.

Directions - Download the "Directory in WinZip format" to your hard drive and open it.  You will then be able to see the file provided that you can read MS Word files.  If you would like more information about WinZip, please go to their website at

From the webmaster - I am always apprehensive about putting folks names and addresses on the web due to unscrupulous individuals who use automated means to get names and addresses for commercial mailings and SPAM (those of you on the web know what I mean).  Therefore, I've taken some measures to protect you from at least the automated tools that are used to invade your privacy.

While it may seem silly to put the file and password on the same page on the web, my main objective is to make it difficult for automated programs to get your e-mail and home address.

If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me by clicking on the  link.

One last thing - since this is a website that is funded by donations, I personally am against the advertising of any commercial enterprise.  I am making an exception for WinZip since it might answer your questions about "zipped" files.

Last Updated:  02/26/08



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