A Message from the Executive Director

Reading the information under "About LBM" will give you a sense of the commitment to understanding and appreciating the Bible that has motivated this organization from its inception. As the Executive Director, it is my hope to work with you in exploring new ways to make that happen.

I say new ways because we live in a post-modern world where ancient texts no longer carry the same immediate authority that they once had. On the level where we view the Bible as literature, we become aware that many bright, educated people have mostly technical training and little acquaintance with the skills of literary analysis. We can no longer assume the level of prior interest that we once assumed when teaching the Bible.

At the same time, when serious, quality Bible study is offered, it gains a committed audience. "Divine Drama" and other courses developed by Dr. Harry Wendt are a case in point. We want to be part of serious, quality Bible study.

We plan to develop study resources, but we need your help. First, we need to know what you need that you are not finding available right now. Second, we need to identify folks who might like to try their hand at developing or sharing some resources. We can become a clearing house for good things congregations and individuals are developing and using.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Get in touch soon.

Pastor John Kerr



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