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Lutheran Church Bodies

Local Lutheran Judicatories

Bibles and biblical resources

  • The American Bible Society

  • NT Study Resources - New Testament study resources, a vast array by Dr. Mark Goodacre of the University of Birmingham, UK.

  • Highlights from Biblical Archaeology Review, Bible Review, and Archaeology Review, plus slides and more.  Biblical Archaeology Society.

  • Search for word and text in nearly every English Bible version and nine foreign languages.

Comments, Insights, and other Helps

  • Lectionary commentary prepared by the Anglican Discese of Montreal. Good for users of "Light on the Lessons," personal study, and sermon prep.
    Lectionary Commentary

  • Comments and insights on the lectionary texts

  • Sermon Helps - Lectionary, sermon, and worship helps for pastors (and others, too)

  • Bible studies - Skits, and other resources by Dr. Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman, used and tested at Hope Lutheran, Fargo, ND.

  • Exegesis - Lectionary Gospel readings by Brian Stoffregen.

Lutheran Publishers


Miscellaneous Items

  • Sample "Bible Tutor," a CD-based interative approach to learning the Bible

Still can't find it?

  • Links to Everywhere - An extremely comprehensive list of links related to biblical studies, languages, religion, and related themes, developed by Dr. Thomas F. McDaniel, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies of the Palmer Theological Seminary.  (Warning: You can get so involved in pursuing these links that you may miss dinner!)



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